Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm jumping for joy and had to share! Being self-taught for web design, I was thrilled when I finally figured out how to add a picture gallery to my Eco Chic Knits website home page. 
New Home Page

Original homepage

I use Dreamweaver CS5.5 and was dismayed when reading the help files that web galleries had been depreciated.  Not knowing where to turn to next, I read a few articles on adobe help and watched a few videos on adobe TV.  Nothing showed me how to do what I wanted to do. 

So I resorted to Google and trying to verbalize my desires in a manner that would find me a solution!  Thank goodness for Foundation PHP.  One of their articles, "Incorporating an Adobe Bridge Web Gallery into a Dreamweaver Page" informed me that though Web Albums had been depreciated, it was now possible to create them in Bridge and insert them into a webpage!  Hurray, I found the solution.  After reading just the first page of the article, because really, why read more than necessary.  I had a nice filmstrip style photo gallery created.

All that was left was to load it unto my site. 

Oops, it didn't work!  I was shot down again because I didn't read all the directions. The minimum width for the filmstrip was wider than the container size of the main body of my site. If I set the width to the required minimum it ran over top of my nav bar.  I could set the nav bar z-value to float it on top, but I hate how that looks.  So it was back to bridge.

I tried several different templates, but they all seemed to have the same 675 minimum width.  Finally the air postcard template let you set the width.  What I don't like is that the photos are strewn out willy nilly and I wanted them in order.  Alas, something had to give, and order it was.  It is kind of neat though because each time the home page loads the pictures appear in a different order.

That wasn't the only problem... I disliked how the gallery went to the edge of the body container.  So after a few more adjustments to my div tag - adding padding, the final home page has a gallery of pictures!

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