Saturday, October 5, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Making How To Videos for Knitting Techniques

Ever wonder how a how-to video is made… by an amateur? 

Previously I had created a home-made light box using poster board, tissue paper, and tape.  It worked well for taking pictures of the cowls and yarn stash, but was a little too tight to film in.  After putting it away in storage, some bugs found the tape far too interesting.  So once recovered from being totally grossed out, it ended in the trash.  
Farewell lightbox

First I set up my video space. 
Video Space brought to you by the Lewchuk family kitchen table

The recipe box sitting on top of the coasters is where I place the camera.

I make sure I have all the materials I’ll need close at hand.  How many times did I click “record” only to discover, I left my yarn needle over on my square of the sofa, which I share with my knitting critic and film director, Puddles.
"Quiet on the set, take 20, woof (action)"

I use a special kind of magic to make the back piece of poster board stand erect…
My homemade recipe cookbook binders!

Then I take a light-test picture… remembering to have the camera set to picture, not video.
Failed, please try again.
Now shhhh, don’t tell my mom or I’m dead!!  It is time to adjust the ambient light.

Those pillows really come in handy, esp. when someone decided only to put up ½ curtains!

A second light-test picture and we’re all set!

Good to go!
Now the fun part of filming.  I make sure to film when I’m home alone.  There is nothing worse than being 4 minutes 15 seconds into a 5 minute clip when you hear, “Lindsay, can you…” being hollered from the next room or worse, a door slam, dishwasher, washing machine/ dryer groaning on.

For the Northern City Girl Cowl videos, I had to make one exception.  It was my second film day attempt and Puddles was being such a good boy that when my director chose to get up from the sofa, grab his toy, and mosey over to sit next to me, when I heard the chew noises, I just left it.  Some background noise is too precious to get upset over.

Next comes post processing.  I use Adobe Premier Pro to edit the clips together.  Except for my camera deciding it didn’t want to film the audio the first day of filming, it went pretty smoothly this time.  My trick is that I wait a 1 second beat after a verbal mistake and the retake.  Then I can cut out the mistake without having to film from point one.  Visual mistakes a harder as I have to remember my hand position.  You’ll see a few places where the work is suddenly different, but I do try to note my hand position and reset to that position when starting the retake. 

You can see the five videos I made for the City Girl Cowls –
City Girl Cowl
 and this week’s new release,
Northern City Girl Cowl
on You Tube.

Northern City Girl Cowl applies beaded tendrils and a new custom made knitted button to a one skein knit in the round, adjustable cowl.  Check it out at, Ravelry, Craftsy, and Patternfish!

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