Wednesday, February 8, 2012

K-Love and Cure

I heard about this on the radio and thought it looked like a wonderful opportunity to spread the love of Christ.  Join me between now and February 15th in K-Love & Cure’s “Knit Pray Love” campaign, which shows love to children and families in Afghanistan and throughout CURE’s network of hospitals by knitting.

From the cure website ( --

What to Knit:

·         We’re looking for knit hats for children ranging from newborn to 12-years old ranging in size from 11-25 inches in circumference. Please indicate the size of the hat so that we can sort and distribute them properly.

·         This isn't about quantity. Knit, Pray, Love is about you giving an authentic expression of yourself as a follower of Jesus Christ to a mom or child in a CURE hospital. So we ask that you provide a personal message with each hat you send.

·         Crocheted items are less appropriate for the colder months, particularly in Afghanistan. If you aren't interested in knitting, please consider sending a personal message to a patient in a CURE hospital.

·         Please don't buy hats. We’re looking for hand-knit items only (knitting looms are fine to use): garments that had your personal time, attention, and prayer. (hand-knit baby blankets will be accepted as well, but we prefer hats)

·         If you haven’t ever knitted before and want to make this your first knitting project, check out these resources. Also, here are a few helpful patterns for a hats: a simple knit cap, and another simple baby hat.

·         Depending on the volume of knit hats received, some items will go to children in other CURE hospitals around the world.

·         If you want to offset the cost of shipping these items, send along a $5 check to CURE International.

·         Please ship your knit items post-marked by February 15, 2012

·         Knit, Pray, Love is not a year-round opportunity. The campaign ends in February, and we will be unable to accept items after the end of this month. However, we are considering making it an annual event.

·         Don’t knit and still want to participate? Send a hand-written note or prayer.

Where to Send:

            Send your knit items, along with a personal message or prayer you've written for our patients to the following address. Contact for questions. Please sign up below to let us know you're participating.

            CURE International attn: Knit, Pray, Love

            PO Box 199 Lemoyne, PA 17043

How to Participate:

            February 27-29, K-LOVE radio host Scott Smith will be in CURE's hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, as a first-hand witness to the life-changing surgery of a child, and by registering, you’ll be a part of that journey before, during and after the surgery. Scott will also be hand-delivering a selection of the knit items on the trip.

Register your knit item on the cure website - !!

            We’re expecting thousands of knit items in the coming weeks, and we’re asking that you fill out the form on the cure website to let them know that you're participating.

Remember the K-Love and Cure deadline is February 15th!

Contest Update:

It isn’t too late to enter the contest mentioned in my “Hearts Aflutter & Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It” blog post!  Comment on that blog by February 10th and you’ll be entered to win a free copy of one of my patterns.

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