Friday, May 25, 2012

Miss Julie

Miss Julie was inspired by a dear friend who is to wed at the end of the summer.  Fashioned after her quirky spirit and love of beauty, this pattern was designed to make her smile through her last long summer as a single lady.  I named it “Miss Julie” as a lighthearted tease to honor her determination in waiting for her perfect match, Charles.  

            The pattern is a simple twist on the standard "k2tog, yo," is accented with six ruffles and a beautiful knit rosette.  Knit in Americo Original’s pima cotton lace, the choice of the socially responsible yarn reflects Julie’s Eco-conscious approach.  

            While knitting I had the loving challenge of working with my new Great Dane puppy on “no, yarn is not a toy!”  Twice I had to rip it out in order to rewash the yarn as puppy gave in to irresistible temptation.  Little by little, I was finally trained... a sleepy puppy is a puppy not interested in yarn!  

After several weeks of knitting as he snoozed, I was able to progress to knitting during quiet cuddle time and now have a puppy that only dives into my yarn basket after a dropped piece of pop-corn.  (Knock on wood!)

            To celebrate Memorial Day and Miss Julie's upcoming nuptials, the first personal to correctly answer “Who is Julie marrying?” will receive a free copy of my “Miss Julie” pattern.  Please submit your answer on my Ravelry group – Eco Chic Knits forum post “Memorial Day Giveaway”.  


  1. You do know you put the answer in your post, right? I'll let someone else win since if I ever had a desire to knit I know you'd give me a much easier pattern to start with!!!

    1. I know... the contest is being run on my forum on ravelry's website - they have to come to this blog post to find the answer. But just in case someone isn't on ravelry, I thought I'd make meantion of the contest.

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