Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall in Flames, Making Tendrils

This blog features a photo tutorial on how to make the tendrils seen in the “Fall in Flames Cowl” pattern.  For a video tutorial, please see the youtube video. 

With right side facing, pick up the first 21” strand.

Using a crochet hook, pull that strand through the stitch.  I chose to use the beading crochet hook (.75mm) since I was adding beads.  But any size will work as long as it is smaller than the stitch you are going into.

Holding the end firmly to the back of the work, pull the loop until it measures 10”.  For convince, I took a scrap piece of yarn and knotted either end of 10” so I wouldn’t have to fiddle with the tape measure each time.

If you are beading, slide bead onto the loop using a crochet hook.

Slide the bead to the middle of the loop, 5” from either end.

Twist the loop 20 times.

Inserting the crochet hook from the wrong side of the work, pull the end of the loop back through. 

Slip the loop onto a spare DPN.

Repeat for each row.  Once all tendrils are complete, turn the work to the wrong side.  Purl bind off all stitches.  Secure the tendrils in place with a yarn needle using the left over 1” from the 21” strands.  

I'm excited to announce that Eco Chic Knits patterns are now available for ebook readers.  Currently "Fall Twist", "Off the Cuff", and "Fall in Flames" are available on amazon in kindle format (for kindles and ipads). 

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