Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Collegiate Variegation Cowl

Hooray!  It is almost the end of February and I finally have a pattern to release.  Due to the quick warm up I decided to shelve the rest of the winter pieces until next winter.  For some reason when I think “spring” I think “college.”  I know the school terms begin in the fall, but there is something collegiate about new life, budding flowers, and dewy trees.
Not the view outside my window this morning, but it sure did feel like spring last week before the ice storm!

Designed to be contemporary and edgy like every college student is at the time they embark on that most interesting of life experiences, the “Collegiate Variegation Cowl” has a clever construction.  The tech editor made my day when she said, “it’s after all a pretty nifty idea and not your usual loopy scarf.”  Let me tell you after seeing red line, after red line from a tech editor, it is like getting A+ on a term paper.

Thank you Photoshop ;-)
Okay.  I know.  The pattern didn’t have a big fat A+ circled on it, but her compliment made me feel like it did!

Collegiate Variegation Cowl
This pattern is designed for knitters of any ability, requiring only cast on, knit, purl, and bind off abilities.  Each rendition will be unique as it entirely depends on the tri-color variegated yarn you choose to knit with.  Experienced knitters will be able to whip through this college course in a day or less, which makes it a great gift!

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